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9 Inspiring Quotes About Home


1. A Home Is Made of Love And Dreams 2. Home is Where You Make It 3. Home is Where the Heart Is 4. Any Home Can Be A Castle When the King And Queen Are In Love 5.House Plus Love Equals Home 6.What I Love The Most About My House Is Who I Share It With 7. Home is Where Your Story Begins 8. It Takes Hands to Build a House But Only Love … Continue reading

Open Houses This Weekend in MA


Fall is here! School is back in session and pumpkin has started to appear on most menus in the Greater Boston Area. Keep your schedule open this Sunday as we have THREE open houses! Two of our open houses this weekend are condos: A three bedroom in Winthrop, MA and stunning sunny two bedroom in Norton, MA. The other open house on Sunday is a single family cape in Revere, MA. We hope to see … Continue reading

10 Great Websites for Room Inspiration Ideas


Just like the internet can be helpful to let home buyers know what to look for in room design, it can serve as a great resource for home sellers to know what it’s currently trending. It’s important that when you put your house on the market, your house doesn’t look outdated. Simple things like hardware, paint colors, etc can tip off a home buyer that the house hasn’t been kept up to date and that … Continue reading

How To Prepare Your House For A Photo Shoot

Prepare For Photo Shoot

Before your house hits the market, the most important thing to do is to make sure you have good photos of your house. According to a survey done by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of buyers search online. This means that your photos on your listing are often the first impression they will see of your home. You want your photos to look good, right? Even if you hire a professional real estate photographer, … Continue reading

Boston Area Open Houses This Weekend


It seems like everyone has left Boston for the weekend. There wasn’t even very much traffic this morning! But if you are staying in town, we have some great open houses for you to check out. Both of our houses this weekend are single family homes. One is in Natick, MA and the other is in Billerica, MA. 88 Pond St Natick, MA Open House: August 18th, 2013 2-3:30PM Come check out this completely updated … Continue reading

8 Reasons to Lower the Price of Your Home

Reasons to Lower the Price on Your Home

Your home has appealing pictures and descriptions and your agent has done an abundance of internet marketing and conducted several open houses. But you still haven’t gotten any offers. What might be wrong? The solution is obvious, but perhaps not the one you want to hear. Your house is probably priced too high. If you aren’t getting the showings or you aren’t getting any offers as a result of your showings, it may be time … Continue reading

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